Where is my cloud ETL?

I’ve waited several years for someone else to set up a proper cloud ETL solution.

I’ve read Jamie Thomson’s excellent summary What would a cloud-based ETL tool look like? and The API Evangelist’s Bringing ETL to the Masses with APIs and held my breath waiting for someone else sort it out.

So far I’ve waited in vain.

My ETL tool of choice is Talend mainly because there is a completely free version that I can use without having to get my clients to fork out for a licence. My ideal would be to have all the visual programming functions of Talend in a cloud based freemium tool (like dataloader.io but more advanced).

Recently I’ve been exploring IFTTT, Zapier and Workato but they just aren’t there yet when it comes to the advanced data flow that I like to create.

Maybe one day I’ll get round to building one myself.

For the record I’ve also tried Pentaho, Clover ETL, Mule and Jitterbit but I’ve not warmed to them. Perhaps my mindset is fixed in Talend/SSIS mode and it will just take a bit of practice.

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