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Extract, Load and Transform with Salesforce

Recently I had an interesting situation where I needed to load an account hierarchy daily¬†from a single file. The tricky bit about this was that I couldn’t make any changes to the input source file as it came from a

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Fascinating genetic atlas of human admixture history

World Ancestry for North Italy

I just heard about this on the Science in Action podcast. It is a fascinating insight into historic events.

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Salesforce have moved their documentation and Google hasn’t caught up yet.

Just a word of warning that have moved all their documentation into a different location and format and Google’s indexes haven’t caught up yet. So if you do a search for something like ‘salesforce sObject methods’ pretty much all

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Talend tHash components are great but fiddly

The tHash component in Talend is a really useful way of caching data in a flow for use in a lookup or for self-joins and loads of other useful things. However it has one fiddly draw back which is that

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Normalising Data with Talend tMap

The other day I got a particularly tricky set of data to transform. It consisted of a list of contracts each identifying an account and a list of contacts related to the contract and by implication the account. I needed

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